Get a plan to make & Mature more disciples.

The Strategic Envisioning Process

Strategic Envisioning is a proven process to help your church clarify a shared dream and plan for the future so that you can gain disciple-making momentum.


1. Train

2. Plan


3. Implement




Step 1: Train

After onboarding, your team schedules a one-weekend session to learn the foundational principles that every church needs to make and mature more disciples. Your leadership cannot make an effective plan until everyone is operating from the same level of competency.

Our first-class training was developed by best-selling author Dr. Aubrey Malphurs, and has been taught in hundreds of churches worldwide. 

The training is delivered either via video (for a lower cost) or by a Malphurs Group Guide on-site.

Step 2: Plan

Within six weeks of your Training Session, a TMG Guide will come on-site to conduct an intense, two-day planning retreat. During this retreat, your team will:

  • Affirm, revise, or develop a Mission statement
  • Affirm, revise, or develop a Core Values credo
  • Define a Discipleship Pathway
  • Assess all ministries and re-structure ministries according to the Discipleship Pathway
  • Clarify your future using TMG’s three-part Vision process
  • Select 3-5 Strategic Objectives for the next 12 months

The Plan Session empowers your team to have a shared dream and plan for the future, so you can maximize your ability to make and mature disciples.

Step 3: Implement

The third step begins with a 4-hour Implementation Kickoff. During this session, your team will watch a brief video training on the Implementation process, and then begin to form Action Plans. 

TMG Action Plans are working documents that fuel your progress towards your Vision.

The Malphurs Group provides your church with one year of coaching from our dedicated Implementation Specialist. Your Implementation Specialist’s sole job is your success, partnering with you and holding your team accountable to the Action Plans you develop.

Our team goes above and beyond to make sure you succeed at implementation. 

A Comprehensive Process

A brief look at the Strategic Envisioning Deliverables.

Church Health Assessment

We conduct an in-depth study of the trends driving your church.

First Impressions Evaluation

We assess how effective your church is at reaching newcomers.

Mission Statement Development

Your church will revise or draft an effective Great Commission Mission.

Core Values

Your church will discover core and aspirational Biblical core values.

Outreach Strategy Development

Create a plan to share Christ & meet the unique needs of your community.

Discipleship Pathway Alignment

Develop a plan for maturing disciples, and align ministries to that Pathway.

Core Systems Development

Assess and develop the core systems that drive healthy growth.

Long-Term Vision Statement

Articulate a shared dream for the impact God is calling your church to make.

Culture Shift Identification

Clarify the major shifts your church must make to accomplish the vision.

One-Year Goals Dashboard

Draft a clear one-year dashboard to measure your church’s progress.

Strategic Objectives Selection

Select targeted strategy objectives tied to your church’s vision.

Implementation System

Leverage a proven system for effectively implementing strategy.

Dedicated Implementation Specialist

One year of coaching calls, providing accountability and advice to ensure your church’s success.


Strategic Envisioning is an affordable process.

Talk to a Guide today and get a proposal for your church.