Leading Through The Lockdown

The Global Church is in uncharted waters. True, past generations have encountered hardship. But the COVID-19 pandemic is the first truly global health crisis of this century.

Every church leader is experiencing something brand-new, and it is natural for it to feel a bit like whiplash.

Churches that never streamed services online before are having to learn new technologies. Pastors who have never had to lead remote teams are getting on-the-job training in how to be an influential leader from a digital boardroom. They certainly didn’t prepare you for this in seminary!

As more and more leaders come to embrace the new reality, and make the first pivot (from in-person to virtual worship services), there is the inevitable follow-up question: “What next?”

During this season of uncertainty, podcast hosts and TMG Lead Guides Scott Ball & A.J. Mathieu are hosting the Church Revitalization Podcast LIVE. This allows our team to address the most urgent topics from week-to-week and allows church leaders to interact and ask questions.

In our first-ever Church Revitalization Podcast LIVE, Scott and A.J. address the three most urgent actions church leaders must take to lead well through the lockdown.

Stream the audio below, or click here to watch on Facebook or here to watch on YouTube.

Want to become a
 Healthy Church? 

We believe getting churches healthy again is just as important as planting new ones. Here are our best tips to get you going in the right direction.

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