Leadership is the lifeblood of every church. We know you need a process for developing more and better leaders.

Church leaders need a plan to build out their dream team with clarity and structure. For many churches, the biggest gap between where they are and where they want to be is leadership–too few volunteers, overworked staff, and a messy or missing board team.

Here’s how we help you bridge that gap.


Step One - Training

We make sure every person on your team understands the core concepts of building a Leadership Pipeline. Shared language leads to building a shared plan.


Step Two - Develop a Leadership Pipeline Plan

We work onsite with you and your team to streamline your leadership structure from your frontline volunteers to your senior board, including a staffing blueprint. We map out clear processes for recruiting, training, and deploying leaders at every level.


Step Three - Implementation

Execute your church’s action plan knowing we’ll be walking alongside you for the next twelve months through remote coaching check-in’s. You’ll feel confident navigating this path to developing more and better leaders.

The best plan can only exist on paper without the team to accomplish those goals.

Enter your leadership pipeline.


Stop Searching for Volunteers

Build a funnel that empowers your team

Reach More People

Meet your community’s needs and introduce them to Jesus

Get a Plan You Can Execute

Clearly implement the strategic plan you’ve envisioned

See Your Team Fulfilled

It’s not just about what they do, you care about who they become.

Hear From Others In Your Shoes

As our church has grown, the biggest challenge has been developing leaders. The Leadership Pipeline Design process put us on the road for success to develop, train, and launch more leaders than ever before.

Tim Jones
Executive Pastor, North Webster Church of God

Building your leadership team is essential, but never easy.

Download our free Leadership Pipeline Bundle and stop racking your brain trying to figure out where to start.

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