Healthy churches  aren’t a pipe dream. 

Strategic planning for churches and the people who lead them

We’re here to help you:


Clarify Your Vision


Plan for the Future


Engage New Volunteers


Empower Your Teams


Execute a Proven Plan to Grow


Strengthen Your Leadership Pipeline


Thrive Financially


Get Your Church Healthy

Leading a church today requires more  strategy  and  intentionality  than ever before.

The issues plaguing your church family are only becoming more complex.
The stakes for church leaders are high, and the consequences of failure cut deep.

Church leadership in every state and from all backgrounds are facing:


Decreased Giving


Declining Attendance


Stalled Leadership


Overwhelming Stress




Dwindling Community Impact


And Ultimately, People Missing Out On Jesus

Not experiencing growth is frustrating. It’s even worse to have first time guests show up…but never come back. The good news?

 There’s something you can do about it.

Maximize Your  Impact. 

Reduce Your Stress

Align your entire team with a plan you can execute.

Change Your World

Healthy churches can do more good for others.

Grow Your Church

Watch first time guests come back the next week.

Cultivate Generosity

Your church will be financially healthy again.

Trusted by churches for over 20 years:

Helping Your Church  Get Healthy  Starts Here.


1. Connect with a Guide


2. Develop A Strategic Plan

3. Watch Your Church Reach More People

What makes The Malphurs Group  different? 

You shouldn’t have to be a big church to have a big impact. Having a big budget shouldn’t be a prerequisite to getting help either.

Our mission is helping churches like yours, not growing our bottom line. We offer grants to qualifying churches who want to be healthy again, but simply can’t afford high consulting rates when they likely need our help the most. That’s why we’re a registered nonprofit.

Founded by Aubrey Malphurs, we’re a group of church leaders who get the church world and exist to help you succeed in yours.


We Are A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit

You shouldn’t need a big budget to get help.


We Focus on Health First

Your church grows sustainably when it is fully healthy. 


We’ve Led Churches Too

We get your world and know what you’re going through.


We Want To Help You

Our mission is helping you, not growing our bottom line.

How We Help You  Get Healthy 

Our Flagship Services

Church Ministry Analysis

An affordable, custom church health assessment that empowers you with clear next steps.

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Envisioning process equips you to make disciples and gain momentum.

Leadership Pipeline Design

Grow your dream team with clarity, structure, and proven processes.

Pastoral Coaching

Elevate your leadership and become more effective by determining your personal mission, vision, and strategies for leading.

Hear From Others In Your Shoes

There was a time when people were thinking our church was about done. Instead, we’re revitalized. We’re excited about the future. We’re actually talking about the future. We have a plan for the future. The Malphurs Group gave us the structure to work with.

 It’s been a great process. 

Ghyrn Wakefield
Lead Pastor, Northwest Family Church

Want to become a
 Healthy Church? 

We believe getting churches healthy again is just as important as planting new ones. Here are our best tips to get you going in the right direction.

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